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In addition to adequate carburation and good maintenance, a boiler requires high-quality boiler water and an efficient chemical treatment program in order to have a long and productive useful life.

The importance of high-quality boiler water cannot be overstated as it can mean the difference between an efficient, long-lasting boiler and a boiler that costs you more in repairs and lost production capacity than the initial capital investment itself.

In order to avoid scaling, corrosion, and scum – all of which can cause major damage to the boiler – it is extremely important to implement a suitable water treatment program and to follow appropriate blowdown procedures.  A company specializing in boiler water treatment should be contracted to do a thorough review of the water characteristics and to define the water treatment and blowdown procedures required for each boiler.

Not having a water treatment program and not following blowdown procedures are both considered poor operating practices and lacking either or both would invalidate the guarantee for any resulting damage.