The useful life of a steam boiler is directly dependent upon the quality of the boiler feedwater. Operating a boiler without adequate control of the boiler feedwater properties puts your capital investment at risk. Moreover, a deficient water treatment program may result in higher fuel and water consumption; necessitate the use of additional chemical products; and may even cause major damage to the boiler – damage not covered by the warranty.

A good water treatment program is necessary for the safe and reliable operation of your boiler.

Because of the critical nature of the water treatment program for the safe and effective operation of your boiler, we offer you the following general guidelines for the development and implementation of your water treatment program:

  • Hardness: 0 ppm
  • Phosphate: 30-60 ppm PO4
  • OH Alkalinity: 300-800 ppm
  • pH: 10-11.5
  • Total dissolved solids: 3000-5000 ppm
  • Iron: max. 1 ppm
  • Silica: <300 ppm SiO2
  • Sulfite: 30-60 ppm
  • Dissolved oxygen: none
  • Concentration cycles: 7
  • Tannins: 10
Contact your local professional feedwater treatment consultant to determine the required water treatment procedures to achieve and maintain these levels.