• Brand: Powermaster
    • Boiler for the production of: Saturated Steam.
    • Series: VT3
    • Design: Compact vertical boiler.
    • Fuels: LPG, Natural Gas.
    • Type: Fire tube, Vertical, Packaged boiler
    • Capacities: 5 – 60 HP high pressure
    • Standard design pressure: 150 PSIG.
    • Special design pressure: 15 PSIG.
    • Number of passes: 2.
    • Operation: Fully Modulating/Two stages/One stage.
    • Included auxiliary equipment: None.

    A.Boiler annunciator panel with illuminated switches for ON/OFF; Illuminated indicators for: heat demand, flame failure, ignition, high steam pressure, low water level, second low water level, low gas pressure; Audible alarm with alarm silence button; Emergency stop button.

    B.Warrick primary LWCO.

    C.Two limit switches.

    D.Level gauge.

    E.Gas train with double shut-off valve, pressure regulator.

    F.Fit any gas burner.

    G.Three handholes for waterside inspection.

    H.Safety relief valve.

    I.Warrick secondary LLWCO.

    J.Feedwater valves with shut-off valve and two check valves.

    K.Two bottom blowdowns with fast and slow opening valves.

  • VT3_5HP