• Brand: Powermaster.
    • Boiler for the production of: Pressurized Hot Water.
    • Series: VT3-HW.
    • Design: Vertical high efficiency.
    • Fuels: LPG or Natural Gas.
    • Type: Vertical firetube hot water boiler.
    • Stamped: ASME
    • Capacities: 5 a 60 HP.
    • Standard design pressure: 7 Kg/cm2 (100 PSIG).
    • Special design pressure: Not available.
    • Number of passes: 2.
    • Heat exchange surface: 5 ft2/HP.
    • Operation: Automatic, silent, compact, super efficient, reliable and safe.
    • Included auxiliary equipment: High efficiency burner, ASME CSD-1 control panel.
    • Long life.

    • A. LPG or Natural gas burner.

      B. Bottom blowdown.

      C. Control column.

      D. Flue outlet.

      E. Bottom cleanout.

      F. Hot water return.

      G. Hot water supply.

      H. Relief valve.

      1. First pass.

      2. Second pass.