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Fire tube boilers are designed with a useful life of more than 20 years.

This long useful life is expected when the boiler is operated in accordance with the information provided in the operating manual and only if its pressure vessel design includes a hot corrugated furnace.

All Calderas Powermaster boilers with design pressures of 149 PSI or more, from 80 to 1500 HP, are manufactured with hot corrugated furnaces.

The most difficult part of fire tube boiler manufacturing process is undoubtedly the construction of the corrugated furnace; this process is also the most expensive, having the greatest impact on the final price of the boiler but also ensuring the boiler’s long useful life.  A boiler with a hot corrugated furnace will be about 30-35% more expensive than a boiler with a smooth furnace.

While more expensive, the useful life of a boiler with a hot corrugated furnace is much longer than its smooth furnace boiler counterpart.

Additional Advantages of a Corrugated Furnace

The larger the boiler, the larger the furnace diameter necessary to house an efficient flame. Increasing the furnace diameter increases the required thickness of the furnace to withstand the desired pressures. If the boiler does not have any way to absorb the expansions and contractions of the material when the boiler is cycled, the tubesheets will be subjected to very large stresses that shorten the useful life of the boiler.

A corrugated furnace absorbs the expansions and contractions of the steel, avoiding ruptures in the tubesheets of the boiler caused by excessive stresses.

Importance of the Furnace Diameter of the Boiler

The diameter of the furnace plays an important role in the design of the boiler. Because it is the area directly exposed to the flame, it absorbs the most heat and as a result, it is the material with the greatest heat fatigue coefficient.   The greater the diameter of the furnace, the lower the heat fatigue coefficient, the less material fatigue, and as a result, the longer the useful life.

Another important factor is the total volume of the furnace, which relates to the flame release coefficient.  The greater the diameter, the lower the flame release coefficient, which in turn improves the formation and efficiency of the flame.

All Calderas Powermaster boilers come equipped with ample furnace diameters as we strive to implement industry best practices into all of our boiler designs in order to provide our clients with the highest quality products available.